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A Special Place for Kids with Juvenile Arthritis

Welcome to the one camp where your child can be a kid again, without having to explain what it’s like to live with arthritis. Where everyone understands. And where fun activities just feel better, because they’re tailored to your child’s comfort level.

We created Camp Cambria in partnership with the The Arthritis Society to help kids with juvenile arthritis feel the joy of the community of campers just like them. Along with the many fun activities campers enjoy, they will also gain new confidence in taking care of their health from our trained medical staff. And the encouragement never stops, with counselors who fully understand their needs and are there for them 24 hours a day.

What We Pack into Each Day

Your child will be staying for six days in a cabin with two trained counselors and kids around their same age. Each afternoon they can choose from a “menu” of activities that usually include a water activity, an indoor activity, or a fun physical activity. In the evening, kids enjoy more activities or events such as campfire songs/stories and a camp dance.

Along with the fun, your child will find:

  • Newfound confidence
  • Lifelong friendships with kids also living with juvenile arthritis
  • Support from staff nurses and age-appropriate skill development surrounding daily medications
  • Simple ideas and tools for coping with stress and other symptoms

Who Can Attend?

Children with arthritis (active or in remission), ages 8-17, may attend.

What Is the Cost?

Camp Cambria is free of charge for kids.

Living with childhood arthritis puts enough of a strain on a family’s time, energy and financial resources. With this in mind, Camp Cambria is provided at no cost. The camp is funded through the Camp Cambria Foundation.

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