“Camp Cambria has the opportunity to provide laughter and joy to the many children living with juvenile arthritis. That’s what we will strive to accomplish.”

—Marty Davis

Our Mission

At the Camp Cambria Foundation, our mission is to raise awareness and funds to benefit the 300,000 children across United States living with juvenile arthritis. Donations received will help expand the foundation’s continuing efforts to provide comfort and assistance where it is most needed.

Our Inspiration

Cambria President and CEO, Marty Davis, was exposed to arthritis through his grandmother, and later in life through his mother, who suffered with arthritis when he was a child. Marty and his wife, Anne, attended a fundraiser for juvenile arthritis as guests of their friends Justin and Krista Morneau. The Morneaus’ niece, Maddie, has juvenile arthritis. It was at this event that the Davis’ met many of the parents of children suffering from juvenile arthritis.

This experience inspired them to learn more about the hardships children with juvenile arthritis endure. The parents talked about a camp that existed in Wisconsin for kids with juvenile arthritis, and expressed disappointment that there was no such camp in Minnesota. The Davis’ took note and Camp Cambria was born in Minnesota in 2014. The entire Cambria family embraced this new endeavor and in 2016 over 150 employees were proud to have been involved.